We drove by Floors 4 U on a regular basis, but hadn’t considered it as an option for our needs until we heard that Brittany was working with a special needs friend of ours—and that she was an interior designer as well. We decided to get her professional opinion, because we didn’t want to mess up our floors and because of the connection with our friend.

Britney visited our home to get a look at the project, explained our options clearly, the relative costs, timings, etc., and guided our design decisions until we felt comfortable that Floors 4 U was who we wanted for this project. We chose real wood, hand-scraped, dark stained floors, granite countertops for the kitchen with a tile backsplash, matching tile for the kitchen and laundry room, and updated carpet for the kids’ rooms.

For the installation, I saw that Floors 4 U uses multiple specialty crews for the different work (carpet, wood, tile, and countertops). At first I considered this to be a negative, but in fact it meant that each aspect of the project received highly specialized experts in their area of installation. The outcome speaks for itself. The quality of the work is exceptional, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The work doesn’t look like our house been remodeled. The installation looks and feels original to our 20+ year old home.

I expected the installation to be long and troublesome based on past experiences, especially when different crews were involved with overruns in time and costs. But, Floors 4 U scheduled the crews and then managed delivery and installation very meticulously. Both Britney and Abdul would come by the house every other day or so to verify progress and gauge our happiness. We were very pleased with the oversight provided and then productivity of the crews reflected their expertise and professionalism.

Nothing is ever 100% with these sorts of things; for instance when the backsplash was completed it had what I thought was an odd transition on one of the remaining moldings. Technically the installation was perfect but aesthetically I didn’t like the way it “joined.” I pointed it out to Abdul on his next visit, and he had the tile crew come back the next day and change it. He didn’t ask questions, and he didn’t charge us anything extra.

Dealing with Floors 4 U was a very pleasant experience overall. Everyone was professional, on time, customer-focused, and trustworthy. I highly recommend them and will do so again as my needs arise.


John and Linda Cross